Dear Celia,

Great website!

I don’t know if you remember me, but I am one of the folks that called your number when you were putting little signs on telephone poles, etc…I suppose it has been thirteen years since then. You came from Park City to my living room in Midway and signed me all up. I have been your client since then on an individual plan I needed because I work for myself.

I wanted to tell you two things of great importance to me that you are directly responsible for:

1. I need to make sure that you never let my insurance lapse for any reason. I get a letter from you every year with a little gift that tells me you have re-upped my insurance and that things are still moving forward.

2. Those dozen years ago I was a man of not much means and since then I worked hard and was very fortunate–blessed, if you will, and I am financially stable now. When you sat down and signed me and my family up, we had no kids, if I recall. My insurance helped us through 4 children since then. It was a comfort knowing you were there. Although we only met briefly, I always thought of you. There was a go-getter, aggressive attitude about you; I felt like you really wanted your business to work, but I also believe you really were there to defend your clients from the accidents, illnesses or mishaps that can come at any time.

I remember distinctly having you there and thinking how much money this was going to cost my family, working for myself. And you told me something I already knew. Nobody likes to think “it” will happen to them, but if “it” does, insurance will save you from having a health catastrophe turn into a financial crisis as well.

I knew that. That is why I called.

Three years ago this month, I was hit with a rare little thing called Guillain Barre Syndrome, GBS for short.

I am not sure how much money my insurance has paid because they negotiate with the hospitals and doctors to get the prices where they want them. but, it has been a long road for me. I haven’t worked since November 6, 2005. And the insurance I bought from you has probably paid at least $250,000 on my behalf and likely more like $500,000. I have had more than 20 IViG treatments that cost about $12,000 a piece. I was in critical care, unable to swallow or cough and very close to being put on life support for 8 days.

So, I wanted you to know that I am grateful that you have been in the background, providing me the service behind my Insurance. I have only had one time during the last 12 years when I needed your team to actually “go to bat for me”. And they did.

But, I won’t ever forget when you were willing to drive from Park City and get me the Insurance Coverage I needed–with a $2,500 out of pocket maximum. I have usually hit that by the second week in January!

I am getting better. I hope that in the next 2 years I will be close to normal again. It has been hard on me, my family and my business, but without the Insurance I have with SelectMed Plus, I would have had a real financial burden on top of everything that comes with recovery.

Now that I have been so sick, I know that the Insurance Companies out there would cut me off as quick as they could if I ever went delinquent or let my insurance lapse, so please help me have the peace of mind I need to know that I am always covered, along with the ones I love in my life.

So, thank you, Celia. You changed my life. I hope this makes your day.


“T. Briggs, Midway, Utah”.

Ashley and Melonee,

Okay, so…THANK YOU. It is so nice to work with people that get back to you so quickly and feel like they care and understand the quicker the better for most things…anyway, I really do appreciate your help with this Humana thing. If/when we ever need private insurance again…I will remember you guys!!

I have told people over and over again how nice you guys have been, I hope that all goes well with each of you.


Ann Warner



What a pleasure it is for me to tell you the superb job Ettie Martinez did in getting my Brother and my family signed up for ACA health Insurance. Through her unwavering persistence Ettie was able to accomplish what so many countless others (including government agencies) could not. She never gave up on our problems in signing up. My brother Dave had all but given up hope after 4 months of trying. Ettie never gave up! Behind the scenes Ettie, unbeknownst to us, was still there working on his account issues. Without Ettie neither one of us could have managed the problems of the ACA rollout. I hope you know what a valuable employee you have.

Thanks again Ettie for all that you did for us!